More Like This: Cinematic Imagery #1


Intriguing interplay of the bottom surface and lights. The intersection, overlapping of dream life and reality; a sweet spot for atmospheric visual storytelling.

As if the ground was crying in a dream; a dream gone wrong or a nightmare going good? It is not easy to tell (yet)…

The cyclist is on a mission. The protagonist of the story; he is in motion, on his way to face obstacles, defeat the enemy, or perhaps on his way to escape someone…? There is a sense of urgency and stillness, timelessness at the same time; set by the fact this is a non-moving image, but with a very dynamic set up.

The darkness of the night. Black and white-blue. Heightening the sense of mystery, with a taste of the future – this snapshot of reality seems from a time a few years into the future; and even if this is just an illusion (which it is), it makes you dream.

You know this is one of those moments which deserve to be captured; for once their time is gone, they won’t return. Certain moments repeat themselves, typically those we are not too fond of; but those moments which are precious and intriguing often last for a limited amount of time, and then fade away, never to return again.

We need more movies like this image; cinematography that makes you dream.

It is quite remarkable how much certain images can capture the essence of cinema, whereas certain movies fail to do so…

P.S: This image belongs to their rightful owner. I’d appreciate it if someone informed me of the owner in the comments.


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