About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Call me Olimpia. 🙂


Currently I am studying Cinema Studies (“Filmwissenschaft”) at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.

I was born and grew up here, and while I considered writing mainly in German, I figured my blog would be able to reach more of you guys if I wrote mostly in English instead. 😉

I used to have Comparative Literature as my major, because I had always envisioned myself to write stories in the form of novels and I did like to read a lot in my spare time; but eventually, I realized that my passion for cinematic storytelling was greater.

So I changed my major to Cinema Studies, and was happy to see that within the last year, we’ve founded a “Filmwerkstatt” at my university, which is basically like a productive team of people who want to actually not just study film theoretically, but also make something happen.

Since attending screenwriting workshops, I have shifted my focus from novel writing (which I had tried a couple of times, never with a satisfying ending) to script writing. In summer 2018, I finally wrote, directed, and co-produced the VR 360° experience “Wake Up” (TNO)! 🙂

My focus lies on high-quality stories and how they are best visually implemented, especially with a lower budget.

Bombastic, high-gloss, mainstream blockbuster movies can be enjoyable from time to time, but those enjoyments are unfortunately rather surface-level and short-term based and typically do not scratch on your insides and stir something deeper in you like truly well-crafted, heartfelt stories can.

I want to discover and create (visual) stories which have the potential to change your outlook on life, yourself, and others; who make you go through a catharsis of some kind; who turn your mental image of the world upside down; who inspire you in any way imaginable.

So yes, this blog is my way to share my own journey with you; my journey of cinematic discovery, exploration, and creation; and also, this blog is simply made to entertain and enrich you. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll hear from you! Feel free to comment, ask me questions, etc!

~ Olimpia

P.S: Besides film, I have an avid interest in personality type theory, about which I have two other blogs you can check out: here and here. Ideally, I’ll be able to combine psychology with filmmaking and/or storytelling.